Every person in this world wants to stay Healthy and look Fit and Attractive like their Favourite Celebs but, Fact is not everyone wants to spend money on workout programmes or personal trainers.

But, the truth is now days you don’t need to spend a single dollar inorder to get those fitness or workout tips you can get it all for free – in this case, all you need is WiFi and a bit of free space. 

Here are the Top 7 Indian Fitness Youtube Channel You Should Be Subscribed to in order to get all those useful fitness, workout tips for free.

1. Beerbiceps ( 1.9 M )

Beerbiceps by Ranveer Alhabadi is an Indian fitness, health, lifestyle, and cooking YouTube channel. Ranveer started off his youtube journey as an Indian fitness and cooking channel and later discovered his third passion, which is helping people with their day to day struggles and started creating lifestyle content on his channel along with fitness, and now Beerbiceps with over 1.9 Million subscribers is one the biggest Indian Fitness and lifestyle Youtube Channel.

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Instagram – @beerbiceps

2. Health and Fitness ( 1.5 M )

Health and Fitness is a fitness channel run by t-series in collaboration with guru mann. Health and Fitness is one stop for health and fitness queries and programmes. 

Health and Fitness Youtube channel has 12 programs that you could follow namely: 6 week shredded : fat liss programme, Muscle size 5 x 5 – size gain programme, Ultimate arms – Biceps and Triceps workout programme, Muscular 8 – Fat loss programme, Pure mass – Muscle building programme, Get ripped – fitness model programme, Control diabetes, Fit-Zone – Body weight workout programme, Shrdded Next level – Advance fat loss programme,  Lean mode – clean gain, Mass up – Mass building programme, Transformation 30 body weight workout programme. 

Do subscribe to Health and Fitness youtube channel – Click Here 

Instagram – @gurumann

3. Guru mann fitness  ( 1.5 M )

Guru mann fitness by Guru Mann is one the popular Indian fitness youtube channel. Guru Mann is America Based Online Fitness Trainer and a Professional Fitness Model. He is also a Certified Nutrition Specialist, Certified Sports Nutritionist, Certified Advance fitness trainer and a Certified Strenght and conditioning specialist. If you wanna make a carrier in fitness industry then Guru mann fitness is #1 destination.

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Instagram – @gurumann

4. Sahil Khan ( 1.2 M )

Sahil khan a fitness youtbe channel run by Sahil khan is one of the fastest growing Indian Fitness Youtube Channel. Sahil khan started hi Youtube channel in April 2017 and reached the 1 Million milestone in just 1.5 years. He is india’s biggest fitness icon and one of the india’s best online fitness coach. He was felicitated with the 21st Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award as India’s Fitness ICON.

The 42 years old superstar is setting high standards in representing the Indian Sports and Wellness Industry across the globe.

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Instagram – @sahilkhan

5. Fit tuber ( 1.2 M )

Fit tuber by Vivek is another popular Indian Fitness Youtube Channel. He regularly uploads videos of health tips, product reviews, workout videos, motivational videos, healthy recipes, workout tips and more. He believes fitness is staying healthy and feeling good about our bodies rather than making bulky muscles. For a weekly dose of health and fitness tips do visit Fit tuber Youtube Channel. 

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Instagram – @fittuber

6. Fitmuscle Tv ( 1 M )

Fit muscle Tv is a famous Indian Fitness Youtube Channel run by Gaurav Taneja, where he shares his bodybuilding knowledge to his audience. He is a certified nutritionist, a professional bodybuilder, fitness model and an Aviator. His aim is to spread knowledge based content backed by science and proof’s through his channel.

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Instagram – @fitmuscletv

7. Abhinav Mahajan ( 1 M )

Abhinav Mahajan is an Internationally Certified Elite Fitness Trainer, Nutritionist and online personal trainer. He has represented India Internationally as a Fashion Model for over 3 years. He is into Health and Fitness industry for 8 years. Abhinav through his Youtube channel is helping the Youth to reach their Highest Potential by achieving not only good aesthetics but also a fully functional body, a Healthy Mind, better Grooming Skills.

Do subscribe to Fitmuscle Tv youtube channel – Click Here 

Instagram – @abhinavmahajanlife

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